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Beginner Tips & Tricks For Space Engineers

Last updated: July 26, 2021

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To date I have tested 47 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Space Engineers Server Hosting.

After spending years on and off with Space Engineers I thought it would be useful to some if I could put my favorite tips and tricks into a guide.

Space Engineers Screenshot

I have broken down my most important tips into sections so you can see how it relates to each stage in the game.

Starting The Game

When you first open the game client you will need to select “New World” in the game’s main menu.

Before the game generates your world you will first need to choose either Custom World or Quickstart.

Custom World

If you want to specify your world setting or create a specific world you will need to select the “Custom World” menu.

Custom Game Menu

You can change the difficulty settings, the game mode (Creative or survival), add or remove mods, change the amount of generated asteroids and more.

Quickstart is recommended for your first playthrough in my opinion.

Quick Start

This is a great choice for brand new players.

The game mode will be set to “Creative” and the scenario will be “Easy Start 1.”

You will not need to change any settings.

Edit World Settings

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to start with a custom world you can choose from lots of scenarios in the custom menu that will give you different tasks and objectives.

World Options

Below is a list of all the default scenarios you can select for your adventure:

Easy Start 1

As mentioned in the “Quickstart section” above.

Easy Start 2

This scenario is the same as number 1, however you start with a bigger space station, with more ships, more asteroids and the addition of extra resources.

The mode is suited to a survival situation.

Two Platforms

This is a great scenario for players that want to play PVP with other players.

Space Engineers Two Platforms

It’s suited for multiplayer servers (which you can get your own using my guide here), but you won’t have access to ships at the start of the game so you will need to plan your survival carefully.

For new players, I would recommend playing this game in creative mode.

Crashed Red Ship

If you’re looking for a scenario with an RPG story-line, you should choose this scenario in which you play as a stranded astronaut that must find their way home after surviving a collision with a huge asteroid.

This is the ultimate survival mode scenario.

Lone Survivor

If you’re looking for a challenge you should try this scenario.

You will start with a very basic space station with limited resources.

The Lone Survivor Map

You will need to work with what you have to create a ship to get off the station and find more resources.

This scenario is great for both the survival and creative mode.

Empty World

This scenario is the ultimate “Creative mode” experience for players that want a blank canvas that can be shaped and molded.

You will be spawned into an empty universe with just your character and the sun in the distance.

Learn the Controls

Once you have decided on your world you will next need to learn about the controls of the game.

Controlling your character is relatively easy. All controls can be viewed by accessing the controls list by pressing F1 in-game.

I have listed the important controls you will need to learn below:

WASD Keys – Move your character in any direction.

Space – Jump

Toggle X – Press on and off to activate your character’s jetpack. (Use the directional keys as stated above for movement. Press the C key to descend and F to ascend.)

Hold Shift – Activate sprint speed.

C Key – Crouch

Tab – Toggle the HUD on and off.

L Key – Operates lights (Press the key to toggle on and off)

Z Key – Inertia dampeners can be toggled on and off.

Mouse Wheel – Adjust the view. Zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.

T Key – Interact with both ships and objects.

V Key – Switch between third-person and first-person views.

Hold Alt Key + move mouse – You can move around your astronaut in third-person view. (This can not be used in first-person view.)

Build a Space Station

Once you have learned how to control your character properly and explored your surroundings you will quickly realize that your space station is a very important area in the game.

Most of the scenarios listed in the (Edit World Settings) will spawn a default starter space station in which you can store a few ships and build new ones.

Space Station & Ship

Beware, you will probably quickly outgrow the first space station.

To build a new space station you will first need to open your inventory by pressing the “G Key”. In the bottom right-hand corner of this menu, you will see the option “New Station” alongside the other building options which included New Small ship and New large ship.

Once you have selected the “New Station” option you will now have the ability to place an outline of the station within the world.

The station can be placed by pressing the left mouse button to confirm your placement.

You will then need to place blocks by using the left mouse click or removing blocks by using the right mouse click.

Please Note: You will always need to install a medical room and gravity generator in your new space station in order to complete the project as these are required.

It’s also worth adding a beacon and antenna to your new station to improve your chances of survival in space.

Build a Spaceship

Once you have built a space station you will next need a ship to fly to it and ships to be docked in it for future adventures. Small ships are perfect for new players.

In order to build a small ship, you will need to include the following compartments including a cockpit, landing equipment, a gyroscope, reactor, thrusters and some general blocks to build the structure of the ship.

Space Engineers Ship Example

To start the build you will need to open the inventory using the “G Key.” Once open you will need to select the New Small Ship option.

Upon selection, new landing gear will appear in front of your character which will need to be placed into the world.

The best way to build a ship is to place the cockpit on top of the landing gear and then place the rest of the items and blocks around it, creating a ship.

You should always add a gyroscope to your ship as soon as possible as this will stop your ship from floating away with gravity if you accidentally push the ship.

Once you’ve completed your ship you can always decorate it and give it color to help define a ship’s purpose. To change a ship’s color simply select the paint option with the “P Key.”


Space Engineers is a game that will take you a lot of time to master.

Many players will spend hours building ships and crafting their planets to improve their skills.

It all comes with practice and the use of a good private server in order to improve your experience.

If it’s your first time I wouldn’t worry about renting a server.

You can generate a bigger world and install more mods on a private server as they will run a space engineer’s world better than your PC will.

My Hosting Review Process:

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2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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