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Best Space Engineers Server Mods

Last updated: July 26, 2021

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To date I have tested 47 different providers to see who can really deliver the best Space Engineers Server Hosting.

Space Engineers has a dedicated community of over 10,00 players that have been playing the game for quite a few years now.

The game has been evolving and changing over the last few years with updates and mods created by their loyal followers.

This makes it perfect for gamers who like to play titles with community-created content, however, there are thousands to download and install so how do you know which one to play next?

My Best 8 Space Engineers Server Mods List

In order to help new players, I have created a top 8 space engineers mod list that will expand the vanilla game.

You will need to create your own dedicated server in order to run mods.

Building in Space Engineers

Servers can be created either locally or via a third-party hosting company depending on your requirements.

A local server is the easiest to create as you can simply start the game client and click on a new game.

Mods you download from Steam can easily be installed in the menu via the “mods” option.

Alternatively, you can rent a server from a hosting company that will provide you with a dedicated server that comes with technical support.

If you are interested in knowing more about rented hosting check out the article “Choosing a Space Engineers Server Provider”.

1. Easy Inventory

Space Engineers Easy Inventory Mod

Space Engineers have a very broken system in terms of crafting, as the default inventory management makes it extremely hard to remember the resources you need to collect from storage.

You will need to memorize the exact amount of ores you need to take to the assembler in order to create the item or part you need, which can waste a lot of time if you struggle to remember blueprints.

Easy Inventory” takes the stress out of this process by automatically pulling the resources out of the storage in relation to the amount you need for the item you’re building.

Both speeding up the process and making the game run smoother.

2. Surface Occupation

Surface Occupation

The planets on Space Engineers are pretty pointless as they are vast landscapes that have very little activity on them.

The mod “Surface Occupation” adds a few additional features to planets including observation stations, defense outposts and more, which are all randomly generated across all of the planets in the solar system.

This mod is great for players that like to explore as it makes the surface world feel alive.

3. Smart Turrets

Smart Turrets Mod

Turrets can be a nightmare for new players who don’t know how to build and use them properly.

This is because turrets will destroy anything in their path which could leave a user ship-less if their own turret has torn a hole in the side of their ship.

Smart Turrets can prevent disaster with target parameters that allow you to specify the turret’s actions.

This is especially useful for players that like to play on PVP servers.

4. Ship AI Voice

Ship AI Voice ModThe Ship AI mod is a great companion for players that play alone.

It’s a very minor mod but it adds a lot of flavors if you spend a lot of time on your ship.

The AI has loads of catchphrases and comments on your interaction with the world.

A nice edition for players looking to add some realism to their spaceships.

5. Colourful Icons Mod

Colourful Icons Mod

The next mod is for the cosmetics of the inventory UI, it’s called Colourful Icons Mod.

Adding the realistic colors of the items in your inventory as opposed to the dull blue color they normally appear as.

This makes resource management a lot easier as items appear clearer and represent the same appearance as their in-game counterparts.

6. Exploration Enhancement

Exploration Enhancement Mod

This mod focuses on bringing more to the environment that surrounds you introducing a network of new features including police and military NPC’s, random encounters and events, trading, space pirates, cargo ships and custom factions that can be a friend or foe.

The Exploration Enhancement system was built to react with your actions, adding an RPG element to the game.

7. Better Stone

Better Stone Mod

The mod “Better Stone” is one of the bigger changes in this list as the mod adds new in-game ores that can be used for crafting and trading.

The spawn rate and radius of ores have also been changed with this mod in order to make ore mining more realistic in relation to the vanilla game.

For example, ores now spawn in large clusters that contain more than one ore, whereas the default game clumps the same ore type together, which makes specific ore mining tricky if you can’t locate the resource you require.

8. Air Traffic

Air Traffic Mod for Space Engineers

Space Engineers can seem empty if you’re playing on a server by yourself with a few players, which often ruins the atmosphere of the game.

The “Air Traffic” mod makes a big difference as it adds cargo ships that will fly around your world.

These cargo ships add some realism to the game and can be interacted with.

You could even become a space pirate and loot these cargo ships for a bit of added fun.

This mod is similar to the “Exploration Enhancement” one above but only adds cargo ships.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 47 popular Space Engineers Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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